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Showcase The Moment - Royal Canadian Mint

GAPC is proud to announce that it has completed work on 5 new spots, both in English and French, for the Royal Canadian Mint.

This series of lifestyle spots, entitled “Hold the Moment,” demonstrate how one can capture, share, guarantee, mark, and showcase the moment with a distinctive coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. The spots were filmed in 4k throughout the Ottawa area and mark the first time that GAPC has worked in partnership with local production company Dan Rascal. The Dan Rascal team, including director, Nick Lacelle, Creative Producer, Craig Conoley and Director of Photography, Will Smith were the creative force on set for the project. The spots were then edited by GAPC’s own Senior Editor Jamie deRooy. The signature 3D animation was created by John James working directly from cad-cam drawings to ensure accurate scale and detail. GAPC’s Ken Stewart produced the spots with production management and coordination lead by Dean Tardioli.

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