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Ken Stewart


Co-Founder and President of GAPC, Ken boasts 35 years of experience with a background in the Corporate Communications, Training and Broadcast Sector. He has worked as a cameraperson, editor, technical producer, technical director, director, producer, executive producer, teacher and consultant. As an entrepreneur Ken has been involved over the years in the start-up of several businesses not just in the production sector, but music and hi-tech as well. Ken has also been involved as Board member and Chair of many Industry Boards and Advisory groups always focusing on the promoting and growth of independent production, opportunities for youth and community service.   He also can be funny at times!

Jamie DeRooy


A graduate of the Television Broadcasting program at Algonquin College, Jamie won the Video Editor of the Year award in his graduating class.  After school, Jamie worked on Movie of the Week sets in the art department before moving to GAPC to edit full time, working on vastly different projects ranging through Corporate to Broadcast.  He's also allowed out of the office from time to time to help out on set in a variety of key roles and preps all of the camera and gear packages that go to set.

Lindsay Gerro

With several years’ experience both in front and behind the camera, Lindsay has run the gamut when it comes to creating in the kooky world of entertainment. She has a strong love of graphic-tees, Whitney Houston and can quote The Princess Bride verbatim. Please send any movie trivia/quote challenge her way. As a toddler, Lindsay could be found performing backyard productions of her very own fantastical tales. Wanting to further immerse herself in the world of make-believe, she received her B.A. in Film Studies at Carleton University and then dove headfirst into acting, spending several years in Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto honing her craft in front of the camera. Now a recent grad with award-winning productions under her belt from the Television Broadcasting program at Algonquin College, Lindsay is confident in her ability to deliver and is beyond excited to create meaningful projects with the GAPC dream-team. Her ultimate goal: becoming the next producer/director/writer/actor extraordinaire (à la Phoebe Waller-Bridge).


Hoda Elatawi


Hoda has created and produced award winning concepts in the children's and factual programming genres. She has collaborated with and produced for most Canadian broadcasters, with work that is also showcased internationally. From doc series to biopics, from specials to unscripted dramas, she brings a depth and unique perspective to all that she produces, working with teams across the country and around the world.


Shayne Artelle



From when he was very little Shayne always loved to count.  With over 20 years of accounting & small  business experience 15 of which as a CGA, Shayne has kept GAPC and GAPC Entertainment and its subsidiaries on the right side of the balance sheet over the past 5 years.  Implementing financial controls and processes is key to a strong and healthy business able to respond in quick order to any type and size of project. Although Shayne does not get out too often, he has been know to let his hair down from time to time.

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